Tip: Ask for your Black&Blanche loyalty card

by Carita   02.04.2013

At Black&Blanche we reward loyal customers extra, on top of loyalty programs in the stores. So, when you buy a pair of Black&Blanche socks, panties or a T-shirt please do ask for our special loyalty card. You get it with every piece you purchase from us. After 12  purchases you may choose a free product from the whole Black&Blanche collection (value: €25).

Your Loyalty Never Expires! You can do it your own way, at your own speed. Even if it takes you 10 years, we'd welcome you for your favorite pick from our collection. We allow quicker picks too (smiley!).

How does it work?

  • Collect 12 loyalty cards
  • Keep them in your Black&Blanche card holder (credit card format)
  • Take them to the store
  • Immediately choose your pick from our collection
  • Take your piece home and try it on


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