I am a Colorholic & Blogvirgin

by Tinne Peeters   19.04.2012

Hi, I’m Tinne and I’m a colorholic. I need color to breath, live, SURVIVE. Color lifts up my mood, helps me through a though day, in short: color makes me happy! That is why Black&Blanche asked me to start blogging here. I hope to meet some fellow colorholics through this blog.

Which leads me to my next confession: I’m a blogvirgin. It makes me a bit shaky that someone is actually going to read this… I guess I’ll stay a virgin if nobody does ;-)

My tip of the day: if you’re feeling down, don’t let your mood decide to go baggy, black, grey, pffft… Dress up! Color up! And the compliments you’ll get from friends and colleagues will lift your spirit and make you shine!

Here's a little soundtrack with the blog, to get in the mood, one for the colorholic 



and one for the blogvirgin :-)




PS: the shoes and socks that make me happy right now:

Tinne wearing red pumps and green/grey socks

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