Combine colours with your ColorPassPort

by Carita   24.03.2014

Black&Blanche has issued its new ColorPassPort for the forthcoming season. The ColorPassPort contains eight trendy colours for this spring and summer and gives you a very simple demonstration of how to match different colours. You can combine tropical green with light blue for instance or fuchsia cabaret with a soft shade of purple or dazzling blue with green pepper. Each and every one a successful combination that most people would never be able to imagine without the help of the ColorPassPort.

When should you use the ColorPassPort?

Pop your ColorPassPort in your handbag whenever you are going shopping. That way you know you will buy the perfect combinations and avoid dud purchases. And be sure you don’t forget to consult your ColorPassPort when you are looking for new shoes.

We all have a ‘forlorn’ blouse in our wardrobe that we thought was stunning when we bought it, but have never worn it because we couldn’t find anything to go with it. This is another occasion when your ColorPassPort will come in very useful. Select the colour of the blouse and you will find all the colours you can combine with it. Never before will you have worn so many daring but wonderfully successful combinations with this blouse. 

Do you get itchy feet now that spring is here and are you impatient to start your spring cleaning? Use your ColorPassPort when you are clearing out your wardrobe. Look for new colour combinations, get rid of forlorn items so that you can make room for more colour. The best reason ever to convince your husband that you really do need to go shopping again: “I’ve got nothing to wear.”

Get your ColorPassPort free when you buy two 2 Black&Blanche products or you purchase it for € 9.95. If you are more digitally minded just download the free ColorPassPort App for iPhone, iPad, Android mobile or Android tablet. So that you never have to be without it.

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