Color PassPort

by Carita   12.11.2013

Are you in a colorful mood ? Do you want to wear colors in combinations but do not know which colors to combine ? Black&Blanche offers help : ColorPassPort (CPP*). our CPP shows you which colors are matching with the trendcolors of the season.

  •  - Use your ColorPassPort to look for the right colorcombinations.
  •  - Wear your ColorPassPort in your handbag when you go shopping so you can avoid bad buys.
  • - Clean out your wardrobe and look for new color combinations. Give or throw away old pieces and make room for new colors.
  • - After a personal color styling, you can use ColoPassPort to look for colors that match with you and your personality.

You can get the CCP for free as a gift with 2 pairs of  Black&Blanche products, or you can buy it separately for € 9,95. You can also download the ColorPassPort for iPhone, iPad, Android telephone or tablet if you’re more digital minded.

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