Big Spring Trend: Socks in Pumps

by   26.03.2013

Who does not get the shivers from the thought of white socks in sandals? This spring, most people will have to recalibrate their fashion radar. Fashionistas and stylists proclaim a new big spring 2013  trend: socks in open shoes. They'd like them mostly in pumps, but sandals and ballerinas are also allowed.

Some examples:

Tiany Kiriloff is wearing socks in her pumps

For years and she thinks the time is nigh for other women too, she says in her style section in Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg:

Tiany Kiriloff socks in open shoes


Famous stilists like Linda Vanwaesberge are PRO

Linda lets her models wear socks in pumps in her shootings, like this one for De Standaard Magazine: 

Linda Van Waesberge for De Standaard Magazine: socks in open shoes


Flair featured ankle boots with socks

Maybe this tip comes in handy now Spring has decided to stay a little longer on holiday.

Ankle Boots and socks in Flair


We took this trend into account in our photo shooting for this spring. You get a tasting below. You'll see that there are many ways to wear socks in open shoes. There are possibilities for every style and every occasion.

There is a sock and a pump for every style and occasion

Blue pump and blue striped socks with delicate detailed patterns

Flowery dress and matching red pumps and socks

Red pumps with beige under-the-knee sock

BlackandBlanche socks in pumps - banquet style

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