• New: Echo Shadows, our favourite autumn sock

    admin   18.09.2015

    Autumn is coming, but we are still enjoying the last drops of sunshine. After all, September is the only month to enjoy the summer’s best weather and autumn’s best of cheer.

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  • Sneak Peek Alert: collection 2016

    admin   09.09.2015

    The summer of 2015 is almost over, but we are already looking forward to 2016. What will Black & Blanche have in store for you next year? What colors and trends will be coming up? Enjoy this sneak preview and discover the latest trends for 2016!

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  • Proud to present our e-shop!

    gody   12.11.2014

    We are extremely proud to present our webshop.

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  • Brace yourself for the new autumn colours!

    Carita   23.09.2014

    The new Black&Blanche fashion colours are here and will add guaranteed colour to your autumn and winter.

    A fabulous assortment of eight warm and trendy colours: bottle green, red tango, wine red, dark fuchsia, golden palm, dark blue, rust and blue majolica. Mix and match for surprising combinations!

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  • Combine colours with your ColorPassPort

    Carita   24.03.2014

    Black&Blanche has issued its new ColorPassPort for the forthcoming season. The ColorPassPort contains eight trendy colours for this spring and summer and gives you a very simple demonstration of how to match different colours. You can combine tropical green with light blue for instance or fuchsia cabaret with a soft shade of purple or dazzling blue with green pepper.

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  • Show off your legs!

    Carita   26.02.2014

    Spring and summer are gradually approaching and you will want to show off your legs again.  But that’s easier said than done.  Although we haven’t really had a real winter, our legs have not seen the sunshine and no one wants to reveal a pair of pale legs.

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  • Black & Blanche Excellentials

    Carita   27.12.2013

    The excellentials are tops, T-shirts with long and with short or no sleeves and vests and excellentials of excellent quality. Combine them with your newest autumn outfit. With Black&Blanche you can complete your outfit in colorful combinations. The excellentials are waiting for you in 8 new trendcolors and the basic color black. All models are available in 2 viscose for the luxurious feel.

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  • Black&Blanche socks are the new ties

    Carita   27.11.2013

    No longer only black socks under a suit and white tennis socks in summer. Luckily. Black&Blanche offers a colorful assortment for men, because “Socks are the new ties” Socks that make your outfit complete and unique. Socks chosen with attention, make your outfit complete.

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  • Color PassPort

    Carita   12.11.2013

    Are you in a colorful mood ? Do you want to wear colors in combinations but do not know which colors to combine ? Black&Blanche offers help : ColorPassPort (CPP*). our CPP shows you which colors are matching with the trendcolors of the season.

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  • For mama’s little girl

    ronny   08.11.2013

    Socks and stockings for girls that need to find their individual style and character.

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  • Black&Blanche Panty’s, Leggings & Socks

    ronny   25.10.2013

    Socks and stockings in high boots, in ankle boots and in pumps … they remain the trend. Black&Blanche offers you a wide range of models in a wide variety of trendcolors, materials, patterns and details. Next to that there is now a wide offer of colorful panties and leggings available. They exist with or without foot, finished with glitter, metallic look, flowers and patterns. The coloreffect is explosive.

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  • 7 x inspiration from the Press

    ronny   18.10.2013

    We have added some inspiration from magazines that feature Black&Blanche in their stylings. Our Facebook friends have already seen some of them. But I think this is a worthwhile impression for our first time visitors:

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  • The new collection of Black&Blanche

    ronny   17.10.2013

    Made in Belgium, because designed in Antwerp and italian quality because produced in Italy.

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  • New: Tops, T-shirts and Longsleeves

    Carita   17.04.2013

    We are elaborating our color concept to easy-to-combine and comfortable self-colored T-shirts, tops and longsleeves. They make your outfit colorful and trendy in no time. We have them in our 8 trend colors for spring/summer 2013, plus basic colors black, white and marine blue. Choose cotton for a more natural feel or choose viscose for a lighter, more luxurious touch. Designed in Belgium, produced in Italy.

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  • Tip: Ask for your Black&Blanche loyalty card

    Carita   02.04.2013

    At Black&Blanche we reward loyal customers extra, on top of loyalty programs in the stores. So, when you buy a pair of Black&Blanche socks, panties or a T-shirt please do ask for our special loyalty card. You get it with every piece you purchase from us.

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  • Big Spring Trend: Socks in Pumps


    Who does not get the shivers from the thought of white socks in sandals? This spring, most people will have to recalibrate their fashion radar. Fashionistas and stylists proclaim a new big spring 2013  trend: socks in open shoes. They'd like them mostly in pumps, but sandals and ballerinas are also allowed.

    Some examples:

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  • 7 x inspiration from the Press

    Koen Peeters   23.10.2012

    We have addes some inspiration from magazines that feature Black&Blanche in their stylings. Our Facebook friends have already seen some of them. But I think this is a worthwhile impression for our first time visitors:

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  • Tested: Supervamp

    Hanna Simons   14.10.2012

    Well hello there, lovely reader. I'm Hanna from Fashion and Politics and I'm honored to be a Black&Blanche guestblogger.

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  • In Store!

    admin   01.10.2012

    We're terribly sorry about tthe exclamation mark in the title. Please forgive us. The very first Black&Blanche producten are available in the stores. More than 40 stores in Belgium and The Netherlands.. Have a look at the store locator on our Facebook page.

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  • Nieuwste haartrend : creatief met sjaaltjes!

    Koen Peeters   09.07.2012

    Hoi hoi iedereen, 

    hier ben ik weer met een nieuwe portie blogstuff!  

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  • 5 Trends for this Spring/Summer.

    Kate Housh   14.06.2012

    Hallo iedereen, 

    Hoe spannend! Mijn eerste blogsessie voor Black&Blanche.

     Topic of the day, wat is er ultra hip and trendy voor deze lente en zomer?

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  • I am a Colorholic & Blogvirgin

    Tinne Peeters   19.04.2012

    Hi, I’m Tinne and I’m a colorholic. I need color to breath, live, SURVIVE. Color lifts up my mood, helps me through a though day, in short: color makes me happy! That is why Black&Blanche asked me to start blogging here. I hope to meet some fellow colorholics through this blog.

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    MagalieTermote   13.04.2012

    PRESS LAUNCH of Black&Blanche! That is what we have been up to the last 2 weeks. And it was exciting and colorful ;-)!

    We have invited the key fashion journalists and bloggers. And we must say: Black&Blanche colored them enthusiastic!

    Stay tuned for more PR news…

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  • Wanted: Beta Testers iPhone App 'Color PassPort'

    Koen Peeters   06.04.2012

    This test is over. We'll publish in July.


    I'm looking for iPhone users who are into fashion and colors to test the beta version of our Color PassPort app.

    You don't need to be a fashionista or a girl geek, just a fashion lover and a medium or advanced iPhone app user.

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  • Season's best: Colorful Nails

    Koen Peeters   21.03.2012

    Tomato red, grass green, sunflower yellow, Tangerine Tango...This season you can color your nails everyway you want. The staff at Black&Blanche just loves it.

    Long row of Nail Polish containers

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